Step In Harness

Q: How do I properly set up the step in harness on my dog?
A: click here for step by step instructions on how to properly put the step in harness on your dog.
B: click here for an instructional video on how to properly use the harness.

Q: My harness seems to be twisted and I can’t figure out how to untwist it.
A: Click Here for an instructional video on how to untwist your harness.

Q: Why are there two rings on my step in harness?
A: When using the step in harness, it is important to clip your leash through both rings to ensure your pet’s safety.
Q: How is my harness meant to be used?
A: A harness is a very temporary means of containment to be used only while walking or training your pet. You should NEVER leave your pet in a harness longer than the duration of the walk or exercise time and you should NEVER use a harness with a tie out or run.

Prong Training Collar

Q: How do I properly adjust and use the prong collar?

Tie Outs

Q: When setting up my tie out cable, what are some things I should look for to ensure proper care of the cable?
A: To ensure the life of the tie out cable, be sure to avoid the following areas when setting up:

  • Cement or Asphalt
  • Rocks or rocky areas
  • Sharp corners
  • Any obstacles that may cause any wearing of the outer coating of tie out cable.
Q: How often do I replace my tie out?
A: It depends on use. You should regularly inspect your tie out cable for cuts, cracks, bite and chew marks, punctures, or discolorations in the tie out coating. You should also ensure the tie out is free from kinks, knots, or signs of rust forming in the cable’s core. Any of these signs of wear and tear can indicate the need to replace the tie out to ensure the safety of your pet.
Q: How is my tie-out meant to be used?
A: Tie-Outs are meant to be a temporary form of containment and your pet should always remain supervised while on a tie-out. You should never leave your pet out on a tie-out for long periods or without supervision.


Q: Is my carrier airline approved?
A: The carrier itself is approved for airline travel, however most airlines have specific requirements when traveling with their carrier. You should check with your specific airline for guidelines.
Q: How do I get a new gate for my Pet Carrier?
A: Contact Us
Q: My Pet Carrier said it came with a food and water bowl but I don’t see them. How do I get these?
A: Contact Us
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